Vietnam: Dog Genitals Meal

Cooked dog penis with dog’s blood sauce for dipping. Hideous! Perhaps the men eating this meal in northern Vietnam suffer … Read More

Vietnam: Home Butcher

Home butchers who slaughter dogs for their own individual consumption are the cruelest of all dog butchers. They deliberately prolong … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Thieves Attack

Last night a 19 year old student woke up during the night to find two dog thieves inside his family … Read More

China: Husky Forced To Pull Loaded Trolley

The Husky dog is on the ground in exhaustion. Everyday, according to eye witnesses, the Husky is forced to pull … Read More

Vietnam: Congealed Pudding

Many dog meat and cat meat restaurants across Vietnam slaughter dogs and cats inside their restaurant. This allows the butchers … Read More

Vietnam: Christmas Dog Meat In Hanoi

For years Fight Dog Meat has been posting about dog meat for Christmas. The Vietnamese words ‘Thit Cho’ means dog … Read More

China: Loaded Cages Thrown Off Truck

Loaded cages of terrified meat dogs are thrown from the top of the truck to smash onto the concrete ground. … Read More

Vietnam: Vicious Dog Thief

This is a particularly vicious dog thief. This dog belonged to someone. The dog thief has grabbed the peacefully sleeping … Read More

China: No Dogs Outside in Yunnan

Pet dog owners in Yunnan Province will only be told three times that all dogs are banned from being outside, … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Thief Caught

When a pet owner saw his dog being stolen he confronted the dog thief and was almost killed. The dog … Read More

China: Pavement Butchers Anhui, Pt 2

In the video the butchers are laughing out loud as Chinese animal lovers beg to save the remaining dogs. A … Read More

Vietnam: Hanoi Wet Market

None of the animals have water. They’re forced to stand in the hot Vietnamese sun all day, looking perky so … Read More

China: Butcher On Walkway

A terrified Pug dog cowers in the iron cage, desperate for mercy while dogs in the cage next to the … Read More

China: Loaded Dog Truck Crashed

The truck carrying thousands of distressed dogs, cats and rabbits has crashed after traveling only 100 miles. Thousands of dying … Read More

North Korea: Pet Dogs Confiscated

President Kim Jong Un donated 30 pedigree dogs to the Pyongyang Central Zoo canine display. The zoo exhibit displays pedigree … Read More

China: Boiling Water On Husky Dog

Buckets of boiling water are being slowly poured over the critically injured Husky by a cruel butcher. It appears the … Read More

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