Vietnam: Funds Received For Machete Dog Emma

Funds received by Fight Dog Meat for machete dog Emma’s medical bills will be forwarded to Emma’s new current veterinary … Read More

Việt Nam: Tiền nhận cho chó bị thương Emma

Các khoản tiền mà Fight Dog Meat nhận được cho chú chó bị thương Hóa đơn y tế của Emma … Read More

China: Paralyzed Dog Yelping In Boiling Water

Yelping in desperation as he lays in a vat of boiling water fueled by a wood fire under the pan. … Read More

China: Bengbu City Cull Dogs In Anhui

Yesterday Bengbu City management in Anhui Province culled every stray dog they could see. Eight men marauded through the city … Read More

Vietnam: Dr. Nghia Explains N-Coronavirus

Dr. Nghia explains N-coronavirus and answers important questions concerning the virus and our pets. Dr. Nghia Van Nguyen, DVM, PhDfrom … Read More

China: Pets Thrown From High-Rise Windows

Pets are being thrown from high-rise windows by their owners, because of misinformation about coronavirus. The photo (above) is a … Read More

China: Wuhan’s Animal Suffering

Wuhan’s animal suffering is now revealed worldwide. Fight Dog Meat had already been exposing animal atrocities in Wuhan for a … Read More

Vietnam: Laughing Butcher Is A Monster

This laughing butcher is a monster. The dog is fully conscious and writhing in agony as he  begs for mercy. … Read More

China: Butcher’s Deliberate Cruelty

The butcher’s deliberate cruelty is despicable. This poor dog is alive as the butcher uses a hand held blow torch … Read More

China: Flayed Alive For Dog Meat

Flayed alive the dog is hung by one hind leg chained to a tree branch. Being flayed alive is a … Read More

China: Dog Skin Fur Pelts

Dog skin fur pelts are readily available across China. The top photograph is Golden Retriever dog skin fur pelt made … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Paws As Snack Food

Dog meat is sold across Vietnam with dog paws as snack food. Its mostly eaten by chauvinist men who falsely … Read More

China: Harbin Dog Meat Market

Harbin dog meat market today. Still alive the dog is hoisted off the ground by a chain around his neck. … Read More

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