China: Butcher’s Deliberate Cruelty

The butcher’s deliberate cruelty is despicable. This poor dog is alive as the butcher uses a hand held blow torch … Read More

China: Flayed Alive For Dog Meat

Flayed alive the dog is hung by one hind leg chained to a tree branch. Being flayed alive is a … Read More

China: Dog Skin Fur Pelts

Dog skin fur pelts are readily available across China. The top photograph is Golden Retriever dog skin fur pelt made … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Paws As Snack Food

Dog meat is sold across Vietnam with dog paws as snack food. Its mostly eaten by chauvinist men who falsely … Read More

China: Harbin Dog Meat Market

Harbin dog meat market today. Still alive the dog is hoisted off the ground by a chain around his neck. … Read More

China: The World Dog Show 2019

The World Dog Show 2019 is underway in Shanghai, China. Show organizers describe it as a “joyful gathering for lovely … Read More

China: Wuhan Pet Dog Atrocities

A security at the Changting No. 2 Middle School in Changting City, bludgeoned two dogs who wandered into the school … Read More

China: Butcher Blowtorching Eyes and Mouth

It defies logic how any human being can inflict gross suffering on another living creature and remain utterly immune to … Read More

China: Police Bludgeon Golden Retriever

The unsuspecting Golden Retriever was tied by the neck to a rope then bludgeoned by a police officer. Swinging a … Read More

China: Humans Must Be Held Accountable

Fight Dog Meat is posting this video because this dog’s story deserves to be told. At the same time we’re … Read More

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