Vietnam: English Teacher Promotes Dog Meat

An anglo South African English teacher at a children’s home-stay educational organization in Hanoi is promoting dog meat as “delicious!”, … Read More

China: Dogs Boiled Together In 44 Gallon Drum

Both dogs are alive and fully conscious. How can humans be so wicked and morally corrupt? Not only are the … Read More

Vietnam: We Helped Shut Down A Cat Butcher

Fantastic news! The cat trader and cat butcher in Quan Binh Tan, Saigon, has quit being a cat butcher and … Read More

Vietnam: Puppy Mill Forced Breeding of Pedigree Dogs

Pug dogs, poodles and French Bulldogs are trapped in a living hell inside a puppy mill in Hanoi, Vietnam. Female … Read More

Vietnam: Dog’s Face Hacked With Machete

A dog has been hacked in the head with a machete, slicing his face down the middle from his eye, … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Meat Dog Bound In Chains

This dog would be in pain. He’s wrapped tightly in heavy chain with his mouth bound tightly shut. His front … Read More

China: Golden Retriever Beaten To Death, Officer Rewarded, Part 3

Worldwide outrage to the brutal killing of the Golden Retriever in Changsha is coming under the glare of the Chinese … Read More

China: Update: Golden Retriever Beaten To Death By Police Officer

As the officer’s wooden pole smashed into the petrified Golden Retriever’s head one more time, the dog wailed out in … Read More

China: Police Officer Bludgeons Golden Retriever Over Three Hours

For three hours a police officer in Changsha brutally tortured a terrified Golden Retriever dog on a public sidewalk. The … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Thieves Caught By Angry Mob

Vietnamese dog thieves are notoriously violent against any people who challenge them. They’re hated by local residents because they’re usually … Read More

Vietnam: Threats To Close Butchers

Traditional slaughterhouses in Saigon must either close down or modernize their facilities and relocate to outlying districts by the end … Read More

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