Vietnam: Dog Thieves Caught By Angry Mob

Vietnamese dog thieves are notoriously violent against any people who challenge them. They’re hated by local residents because they’re usually … Read More

Vietnam: Threats To Close Butchers

Traditional slaughterhouses in Saigon must either close down or modernize their facilities and relocate to outlying districts by the end … Read More

Vietnam: Truck Load Of Rotting Cat Meat

Vietnamese officials stopped a truck after a tip-off and discovered tons of rotting cat carcasses and chicken carcasses which were … Read More

Vietnam: Mina Not Returned To Owner

Lady Thanh Tran is speaking to the Phu Quoc District Government to protect Mina from her owner taking ownership of … Read More

Vietnam: Cat Meat Restaurant Ads

A Vietnamese cat meat restaurant named Đặc sản thịt mèo [Cat Meat Specialties], is using Facebook to entice new customers. … Read More

Vietnam: Cats Drowned For Cat Meat

Cages crammed with live cats are slowly submerged in water, as a bulk method to kill cats in Vietnam, for … Read More

Vietnam: Woman Says Eat Dog Meat

Vietnamese woman Ngân Cúnn enjoys eating dog meat and recommends other people should eat it as well. She’s recently come … Read More

Vietnam: The Dog In A Plastic Bag Was Helped By Fight Dog Meat

This took place years ago, before we knew Dr. Nghia. It’s an important article on the difficulty of finding humane … Read More

Vietnam: Female Dog Thief Beat Up and Arrested

In a twist, a ‘female’ dog thief was beaten up by local residents after she was handcuffed by police! Angry … Read More

Vietnam: Locals Try To Stop A Loaded Dog Truck

Two Vietnamese animal lovers, Nikki and her friend, attempted to halt a truck loaded with howling live dog meat dogs, … Read More

Vietnam: Call For Animal Protection Laws

Vietnamese animal lovers are desperate for animal protection laws to be brought in and upheld in their country, and are … Read More

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