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Cambodia: Dog Meat Attraction

One of Cambodia’s main tourist attractions is the UNESCO World Heritage Listed 12th century Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap. The location is also famous among dog eaters for its dog meat restaurants.

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Cambodia: Dead Street Dog For Dog Meat

Just a few days before Christmas, a homeless street dog lay dead on the side of the road, next to the busy Orussey Market. An animal lover who saw the dead dog phoned the Cambodian Animals Protection Association, who set off to collect the dog’s carcass.

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Indonesia: Tomohon Dog Meat Market

At Tomohon Traditional Market, Manado, you can buy a dog for dog meat, either dead or alive. Some dog eaters like to buy a live dog so they can kill it at home and make sure the meat is as tough as possible, by inflicting gross pain onto the still alive dog to ensure the toughest meat possible, for what they falsely consider to be high quality meat- falsely believed to boost a man’s libido.

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