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China: Golden Retriever Beaten To Death, Officer Rewarded, Part 3

Worldwide outrage to the brutal killing of the Golden Retriever in Changsha is coming under the glare of the Chinese government, in ‘support’ of the officer. The assistant policeman who beat the Golden Retriever to death has been awarded a medal of honor for being a “Defender of the People.” 打狗英雄人民卫土

The officer’s award puts people on notice that they do not have any influence over the Chinese government. As my friends living in China reminded me today: “when America held strong anti-Yulin dog meat festival demonstrations, the next day the Cheng guang went around taking dogs, even from vets and tasering vets if they refused to give up the dogs!”

Today a statement was issued by government officials warning admins on Chinese social media that anti-government material criticizing the government and police will not be tolerated and groups which choose to violate this will be closed.

www.FightDogMeat.com, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat
(L) Assistant Officer’s award. (R) Official photo of the old man’s leg immediately after he was allegedly “attacked by the dog.” There’s not a mark on him!

I am in direct contact with many Chinese animal rescuers and expat animal rescuers living in China, including a lady (name withheld) who is close to this case.

The following was written directly to Fight Dog Meat from a Chinese rescuer living in China:

“There are many people who eat dogs and cats, especially in less developed cities such as Changsha (where the dog was beaten to death.) Coke is the name of the Golden Retriever and I’m still trying to contact his owner (I think Coke is a boy.)”

“We animal activists have been receiving much pressure from the media and other organizations. There are a great number of people hired to post fake comments in support of the local police. Those people are either paid or they eat dog meat themselves.”

“Illegal dog meat vendors are on the police side and attacking animal activists. They also infiltrate and hide people in the animal activist groups [online Chinese social media] to obtain information from us. The local police are proud of what they have done to Coke (no kidding.) They’ve made themselves flags.”

“The so-called policeman indeed is not a formal policeman. There isn’t a standard name for such role – he’s more like an assistant to the police. It is highly debatable whether he is qualified as a law enforcer. This is a fact even the government do not argue about.”

“I understand Coke’s case is not the worst and there are real sick cases here in China. But our argument is this cruel execution was done in public in broad daylight with many children and elderly people standing watching this horror. People were trying to stop the assistant policeman but were instead threatened. In the video clips recorded onsite you can hear people crying in the background.”

www.FightDogMeat.com, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat
The stick which was used to beat the dog to death over a period of time. The blood belongs to the deceased Golden Retriever.

“After all this, media started to distort the facts and make people believe the assistant policeman did nothing wrong. It’s like an official message to the public that animal abuse is acceptable.”

“I’m not sure about the impact Coke’s case is going to make on the grand scheme of things. I just hope it’s going to help push the government to establish policies and laws against animal cruelty. We’re all feeling miserable after these few days but we’re still fighting. Chinese media has managed to turn the whole story upside down now. ”

This Morning, January 7:

Things are getting even worse. Some people have been arrested trying to be a voice for Coke. As much as I want to seek justice for Coke, I must protect my family…” [end of private conversation.]

Video: viewer discretion advised.


Where Is The Dog’s Owner?

Waters are becoming muddy in relation to facts about the story of the Golden Retriever. Originally the dog was said to be a girl now it’s become a boy.

Story One (the original story):
[Paraphrased:] The dog was taken to the groomers without a collar or leash.
After a few days of vagrancy the dog was sent to a PET SHOP for half a month.
On the day of the dog’s death he was picked up by his new owner, the adopter, and left temporarily tied to a rail on the sidewalk pathway.
Over two or three hours the dog rushed out to say hello to several people, including the old man who said he was attacked. The dog was then beaten to death by the assistant officer.

Story Two (newer story):
The owner took the dog to the groomers and then became busy.
The groomers were closing and the owner was not out of work yet.
The owner sent a friend to collect the dog who tied the dog up to the rail on the sidewalk and went shopping for around three hours.
During that time the dog rushed out to say hello to several people, including the old man who said he was attacked. The dog was then beaten to death by the assistant officer.

Reading the paragraph titled Story Two: I would have thought the owner would have attended local memorials to thank local animal lovers for trying to help her dog. They would have put their arms around her and emotionally supported her. To my knowledge the owner has not surfaced.

Video: not graphic. Memorial for the beaten dogs.




This story continues to escalate. People’s emotions are raw and tensions are running high. Fear is now being used as a weapon by the Chinese government to throw the brakes on posts slamming the government and its officers. They will not be intimidated or influenced by emotional animal lovers within China or internationally.

On this website I have received a number of what I perceive as staged comments on my previous two articles about this dog’s death. The staged comments have been in support of the officer and the killing of the dog. Some of the comments were polite and some very aggressive and vicious.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to track this story. It was a shocking act of inhumane brutality. Sadly China has no animal protection laws and instead of the assistant officer being charged, he was awarded a medal of honor. Fight Dog Meat sees this an another reason to keep fighting for animal protection laws and fighting to end the dog and cat meat trade.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from dog and cat meat countries and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing despite no animal protection laws. Turning away or sitting quietly does not end the trade. We’ll keep exposing what is taking place to these animals. We’re helping local volunteers have a louder voice on a world platform. Ultimately it’s the voice of the country’s own people whom their government will eventually be forced to listen to, for positive change for animals.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown
Fight Dog Meat.


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  1. Subhendu
    | Reply

    Only a man with stone made heart and without any tender qualities of human mind could perpetrate such cruelty upon animals….it is shocking to note such wretched attributes of human being..actually no human being could do this…this could be done only by a sub-human or demon on earth….I pray for an excruciating and early death for that murderer….

  2. Charlene
    | Reply

    You sick sob you deserve to die the same way this poor dog did. You are a sick piece of shit. All of you mf that kill dog’s or cat’s for any reason are evil sick por excuse of a human.

  3. Yiota karamichali
    | Reply

    Put him in jail but before beaten to death e bastard t

  4. Rae Sawyer
    | Reply

    The falsely accused gentle friendly and loving golden retriever was completely INNOCENT. The lying old man indirectly caused the horrific and heinous suffering of a beautiful natured pet who should not have been left tied up for 3 long hours waiting for the person to return to take him back to his owner and was getting bored and lonely and naturally tried to interact euth passers by. He never bit or attacked anyone so the deranged demented supposed cop had absolutely no grounds to justify callously bashing this sweet darling to death. The despicable cop is a disgusting deplorable weak spineless pathetic low life cruelly torturing a helpless defenseless innocent who was tied to a pole and could not escape to save himself from this vile wicked imbicile who bashed him repeatedly for no reason at all and he didn’t even check the old mans leg to verify whether he was or wasn’t bitten. What a low life. How dare he receive an award for abusing and killing a sweet gentle loving pup. CHINA is a cruel horrible and inhumane country who do not show any respecr kindness or humanity to our very special loyal and loving human companions who are members of our family. The animal abuser is an asshole and deserves to be sacked fined and jailed and made to pay the money from the fine to an animal shelter. What a deplorable low life. RIP sweet loving and innocent pup. We know you didn’t do anything wrong, unlike the aggressive violent cruel supposed cop who behaved disgracefully disgustingly and appallingly bludgeoning for 3 hours a helpless placid scared and defenceless pup to death.

  5. Yvonne Day
    | Reply

    This is horrific!
    The devil walks amongst you.
    Are you happy the world sees you as cruel, evil, vile bastards?!?!
    Vile, evil, sick, sadistic, despicable, lowlife scum sub humans!
    Boycott China’s products. Don’t buy from them. Don’t holiday there.
    This is the ARROGANCE of the human race, that they think they have the right to exploit, harm, cage, torture, do unspeakable things, to the beautiful animals that share our planet.
    What gives us, (the supposedly more intelligent species) the right to think we can kill, use or control other sentient, living beings for “sport”, “beauty”, “pleasure” or other crass excuse? Even for “food”!!
    There appears to be a sub species of humans, that is cruel, evil and devoid of compassion and emotions. There’s got to be something missing in their brains that makes them want to inflict pain, cruelty and suffering on harmless, innocent, defenceless beings, who share our planet.
    They really must be a sub species – of the lowest order, the “human faeces”!
    I became a vegetarian a year ago, (aspiring to become Vegan), after seeing horrific, graphic videos/images of animals being slaughtered and abused for our food.
    How can I profess to love animals, if I condone their deaths, by picking and choosing who lives and who dies for my plate?
    I had lived in my hypocritical “bubble” for 61 years, blissfully unaware, until I joined Facebook.
    Unfortunately, I am half Chinese, but would hate for people to associate me with these sadistic psychopathic murderers and torturers. I have never understood the STUPID and PATHETIC beliefs, that ingesting a part of an animal’s body, as “medicine”, means longevity, virility, or any other supposed benefits!!
    What complete and utter rubbish!!!
    Luckily not all Chinese are this cruel, there are a small minority, who help animals.
    China has a history of poor and shocking human rights issues, so hardly surprising that animals would be even lower on the agenda.
    What a CRUEL, CRUEL, SICK world we live in.
    I realise there is good and bad in all nations, races, etc, but the Chinese do so many cruel things, and have done for centuries.
    When I was young, I was taught these were a clever nation of people, but none of their actions against animals shows any semblance of intelligence, indeed more a complete lack of empathy, and are just plain stupid and cruel, and LAUGHING whilst a poor animal is being burned/boiled/skinned alive/ripped apart, is just incomprehensible!
    I now feel ashamed to be of Chinese heritage. Unfortunately as I look more Chinese than European, (and to the uninformed eye, could be mistaken for any other oriental race), there will always be people who will think all oriental people are monsters, and therefore include me.
    Unfortunately, the cruelty hides behind the convenient lie of “culture and tradition”, instilled into people from generation to generation, (but that does not make it right or acceptable, and is used as an excuse to control the masses!) If people are raised to think it’s the norm to kill animals for “medicine”, (and to believe it actually works!) and to ill-treat/eat them, as if they are inanimate objects, with no feelings, senses, fear, pain, then I fear it will be a long, hard road ahead to try to make changes. I doubt anything will change, even with world pressure. I find it extraordinary that they have not an ounce of empathy with our world’s amazing creatures. How “inhuman” are they?! Makes me ashamed, angry and sad, to be part of the human race.

  6. Phala Bowles
    | Reply


  7. Joy M Harvick
    | Reply

    I’d be happy to serve justice… John Wick Style

  8. Jason
    | Reply

    China should try to clean up its morals. Do they forget history of the Mongols ? They just may come back .

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