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Vietnam: Dog Genitals Meal

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Cooked dog penis with dog’s blood sauce for dipping. Hideous! Perhaps the men eating this meal in northern Vietnam suffer from impotence and falsely believe eating dog penises will help their affliction. Eating dog meat in Vietnam is falsely steeped in the belief it boosts a man’s libido.

Dog’s blood for blood sauce is collected in a bowl while the dog’s heart is still beating and pumping blood. The number one killer of dogs across Vietnam is blood parasites, from ticks. Canine blood parasites ‘can’ be passed from dogs to humans. If left untreated blood parasites end up fatal to dogs and people. Local animal lovers have contracted blood parasites from sharing food with their dogs, off the same chopsticks during meals. Collecting untested dog’s blood and using it for human consumption is like playing Russian roulette with someone’s life.

Vietnam’s dog and cat meat trade is completely unregulated. This means no meat inspections, no health inspection or hygiene codes and no animal protection laws. Dog and cat butchers answer to no one. Most of the dogs and cats in Vietnam’s dog and cat meat trade are riddled with illnesses and disease, from starvation, dehydration, massive stress, terror, tape worm, hook worms, etc, and already existing blood parasites!

Video: cooked dog penis meal.

Prior to covid sweeping the world, northern Vietnam was a main tourist hot spot for western and European tourists. Many international tourists gorged on dog meat, using the lame excuse “when in Rome,” even though a number of them had pets waiting for them when they got back home. There is absolutely NO excuse for western or European tourists to be eating dog or cat meat. Its bad enough that staggering numbers of Chinese and South Korean tourists demand dog meat in Vietnam, without westerners and Europeans demanding it too. Fight Dog Meat is working to help local Vietnamese animal lovers end the trade and shut it down.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from dog and cat meat countries and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing despite no animal protection laws. Turning away or sitting quietly does not end the trade. We’ll keep exposing what is taking place to these animals. We’re helping local volunteers have a louder voice on a world platform. Ultimately it’s the voice of the country’s own people whom their government will eventually be forced to listen to, for positive change for animals.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown
Fight Dog Meat.


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