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Hong Kong: Dog Meat Banned

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The sale of dog and cat meat has been banned for over 70 years in Hong Kong. In 1950 Hong Kong was one of the first countries to outlaw dog and cat meat.

For many years prior to covid I used to travel on a regular basis to Hong Kong. Over the years I have been involved in rescuing animals in different parts of Hong Kong.

Dog and Cat Meat Banned

In underground rail subways I vividly remember massive signs across the walls. The signs stretched the length of the escalators which constantly move thousands of people up and down to connecting rail platforms. The signs read

Dog And Cat Meat Is Banned In Hong Kong.‘ T

Signs included images of dogs and cats along with written words of fines and imprisonment. The massive signs could not be missed or mistaken.

Hong Kong has a strong animal rescue community for cats and dogs supported by many local animal lovers. [Hong Kong is vastly different than China. However it has to be acknowledged that Hong Kong also has many cruel and appalling animal practices such as underground illegal Rhino horn, live-monkey brain meal and so on.]

Kowloon Dog Meat Shop?

A few days ago a task force has raided a shop in Kowloon after reports dog and cat meat being sold for consumption. The alleged shop is located in Yau Ma Tei district in Kowloon (according to CNN.) Yau Ma Tei is densely populated with commercial and residential occupancy.

Officers seized “suspected samples of dog or cat flesh” at a shop in the Yau Ma Tei district during a “joint blitz operation” by the city’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department on Thursday evening. The samples are currently being tested by authorities.

The shop is being investigated to verify if it has any license to sell fresh meat. If it has no license or if samples come back positive to dog or cat meat, AFCD will proceed with prosecution against the shop owner. If convicted they face a maximum fine up to $640 USD and six month imprisonment.

Members of the public are urged to immediately report matters to police if they suspect someone is selling prohibited dog or cat meat.

Positive Change Is Possible

Hong Kong’s Dog and Cat Regulations state:

No person shall slaughter any dog or cat for use as food whether for mankind or otherwise. No person shall sell or use or permit the sale or use of the flesh of dogs and cats for food.” 

At Fight Dog Meat we have always regarded Hong Kong as a beacon of light. They banned dog and cat meat and have continued to rigidly uphold their law. Hong Kong shows it is possible for countries to make positive changes.

Thank you to Hong Kong’s animal lovers for their continued hard work.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown
Fight Dog Meat.


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