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Vietnam, Hanoi: Cat Meat and Dog Meat Puppies

Vietnam does not have animal cruelty laws but the use of cats for human consumption has been banned since February 18, 1998, by the then Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic Of Vietnam, Nguyễn Công Tạn. Unfortunately this law is blatantly ignored and not enforced because too many officials enjoy eating cat meat for good luck. The photograph above was taken at L 179 Flower Shop, the Square, Hanoi.

Cats suffer quite badly in many dog and cat eating countries because they are falsely viewed as suspicious and evil, and consequently feared my many people. Remarkably, the same cat which is feared is also seen as a good luck charm if eaten at the start of each month. It is also falsely believed that eating the spine of a cat each month can pass on the cat’s agility to the person eating it.

Vietnamese cat restaurants encourage diners to choose which live cat they want to eat – to guarantee freshness. The customer watches the cat of their choice be hit on the head with a hammer – not to kill it, just to quieten it down – then the live cat is dropped into boiling water and boiled alive in front of the excited customer.  When the frantic flailing, clawing and scratching stops, the cat is removed and skinned – even if it is still alive, then chopped up for cat meat soup, cooked and served. Bon Appéti

Prior to 1998 so many cats were killed and eaten in Vietnam that rats took over farmer’s crops in plague proportions. Serious illness and disease caused deaths among people and catastrophic damage was done to farmer’s crops. Some farming areas reported entire crops ruined by rat plagues!

The law is titled: Urgent Measures Of Rat Eradication For Crop Protection.
Section 6: Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs to closely manage the export of all kinds of implementation of rat eradication locally, organize and mobilize all the resources to kill the rats, take measures to encourage and support specific to send documents to steer the concerned sectors in the province to revoke the business license, close right away all the cat meat restaurants (little tiger), to seriously handle the cat traders and smugglers, cat trading across borders, natural enemies of rats and strict measures for violations of hunting the predators of rats for export and food, especially urgent now is the illegal smuggling, trafficking and transporting cats across the border, and for cat meat restaurants.

For many years Hanoi was seen as the dog meat capital and Ho Chi Minh City [Saigon], as the cat meat capital. In 2016 both major cities are mixing and matching both dog and cat meat, which is bad news for dogs and cats because it means the number of animals being consumed is rising, not falling.  This may be connected with Vietnam’s growing tourist population.

Fight Dog Meat receives too many reports of tourists vacationing in dog and cat eating countries and using the lame excuse “when in Rome” to justify them self eating dogs and cats.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from dog and cat meat countries and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing despite no animal protection laws. Turning away or sitting quietly does not end the trade. We’ll keep exposing what is taking place to these animals. We’re helping local volunteers have a louder voice on a world platform. Ultimately it’s the voice of the country’s own people whom their government will eventually be forced to listen to, for positive change for animals.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown
Fight Dog Meat.

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(Photo not credited to Fight Dog Meat)

57 Responses

  1. Miriam temple
    | Reply

    Please, stop this!!!

    • KittyKatKim1962@aol.com
      | Reply

      This is disgusting ! These are puppies and kittens !!!! They are babies

  2. Suzanne
    | Reply

    Dont eat this

  3. cora imthorn
    | Reply

    This is so cruwl, this has to stop!

  4. Faye Verkroost
    | Reply

    Please STOP this!

  5. Tracy Lyn Cook
    | Reply

    This is absolutely horrendous! I cannot understand how any one can think this is acceptable behaviour

  6. Ricky de jonge
    | Reply

    Animal abusers ????????????????????????

  7. LinaRizzo
    | Reply

    non mangiare

  8. de Solere anne
    | Reply

    C’est absolument abject!
    Cela doit stopper !

  9. de Solere anne
    | Reply

    Ce sont des atrocités !
    Nous devons les sauver !

  10. Mark Mallardi
    | Reply

    How incredibly barbaric. These poor creatures.

  11. Jina Harrell
    | Reply

    This has just GOT to STOP……………………..NOW How incredibly savage and barbaric.

  12. Danijela Majstorovic
    | Reply

    No words!!

  13. Marielle Risth
    | Reply

    Total horror! This is barbaric and only scum can do this to inoucent animals. This has to stop!

  14. Angela Bravi
    | Reply

    Stop dog meat and cat meat abuse, please!

  15. Sally Williams
    | Reply


  16. Ronda Richardson
    | Reply

    Animals are sentient beings and deserve to live not to be tortured, killed and eaten!

  17. Hannelie
    | Reply

    This is horrific. Needs to be stopped. It’s inhuman. This race of people is disgusting!!!

  18. Maria E. Cendan
    | Reply

    It is not good luck in fact you are creating bad karma which will catch up with you eventually. It also extremely cruel and inhumane to inflict so much pain and suffering on another living creature. Please enforce the law against this practice.

  19. Judy Lustgarten
    | Reply

    Time to take animal rights and Welfare seriously. Those sweet beautiful cats and dogs. What a crime against nature. What a disgusting Injustice. Makes me ill looking at these photos. Time for a new regime of wisdom ( as this lacks the words of the magnitude of stupidity and ignorance), MORAL AND ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY, HUMANITY, COMPASSION, AND JUSTICE. What a disgusting group of barbaric people. And this is what you’re known for and by. Utter gross ignorance.

  20. Petra Aprath
    | Reply


  21. Lesa Vallantine
    | Reply

    Please stop

  22. Belinda Krohn
    | Reply


  23. Gianna Giannoni
    | Reply

    Sono dei MOSTRI!!!

  24. Michaud
    | Reply

    Monstrueux barbare et horrible

  25. Jetske Diets
    | Reply

    How can you cook and eat any alive animal? This is cruwel and so sick!

    Please stop this cruelty.
    People doing such a thing is not a human but a evil beast !!!

  26. Gio bagni
    | Reply

    Please stop this!

  27. Rosiben Violeta
    | Reply

    Mercy and compassion for the animals…

  28. Gül kes
    | Reply

    Stop meat the babys please stop stop barbars its not ok brutal sik the dog and cat you are shit human ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  29. Deepak singh rauthan
    | Reply

    This is unacceptable crime …we r against its ……this inhuman bastards destroying this beautiful coexisting world of all living being

  30. Kiran
    | Reply

    Stop this, this is inhuman.

  31. Fiona
    | Reply

    I’m so saddened and sickened . These are human beings? Evil people.

  32. Yvonne Spaderna
    | Reply

    Pleace stop it!

  33. Valerie
    | Reply


  34. birgit v contzen
    | Reply

    stopp eating dogs

  35. Sarah Addis
    | Reply

    PURE EVIL !!!

  36. Robina Johnson
    | Reply

    Stop NOW! Evil people. The works is watching and WE WILL stop you!

  37. lorna nicholls
    | Reply

    this is barbaric pure evil.burning and skinned alive?they do feel pain you know.im disgusted and heartbroken ban this now.shame on you the world is watching?karma will get you big time

  38. Crime

  39. Annie Beal
    | Reply

    Don’t these people have any heart or compassion, how can they not be aware of the agony and fear they are causing these poor creatures. I really believe that whatever makes us human these people are lacking it and are not of this earth.

  40. Joan Asmundo
    | Reply

    Disgusting efn excuses for human beings. I hope this comes back on them and they die the horrible death they have given these poor animals.

  41. AMY Van Hagen
    | Reply

    You, who callously kill and torture these dogs and cats…you are STAINS ON THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS OF HUMANITY. I know you don’t care right now, or you couldn’t do what you do….but the Animal Warriors are watching, and we are growing stronger by the minute…and we are growing in number by the second. YOU WILL BE STOPPED!!

  42. kc
    | Reply

    Stop stop stop u cruel human being . EAT SUMTHING ELSE!!!

  43. Susie Olson
    | Reply

    This must stop!!

  44. Marita Kruger
    | Reply

    Stop these devil actions!!!!

  45. Michelle
    | Reply

    Stop cruel dog meat

  46. Erika Reinoldova
    | Reply


  47. Monique Liddiard
    | Reply

    Your all idiots, eating a cat is lucky. Thought it was bad luck if a black cat crossed your path? Well killing it, eating it and going into your gut and bowel I really hope its bad for you. Sick disgusting vile idiots, you will have bad luck its called karma. ” respect all living things”.

  48. doris lewis
    | Reply

    this is sick we cant do anything about it I guess if they eat animals for a meal but I think its sick and why God lets it happen I hope they go to hell. I am so sorry to the animals that have to go through these kind of things its sad.

  49. Ana Ireta
    | Reply


  50. sabine
    | Reply


  51. Debbie stuart
    | Reply

    Stop this awful cruel actions how would u like it done to u or someone u love

  52. Karen
    | Reply


  53. sandra Gear
    | Reply

    Their kin we share our homes and our lives with…

  54. Shraddha bodas
    | Reply

    Please stop this.Help poor animals.

  55. chantal baas
    | Reply

    the evil and horrible massacre must stop,why don,t the governments do nothing,this evil cruelty must be punished,and laws most come to protect the beautiful animals,how long is this going,on,will it ever stop.

  56. Donna Abecasis
    | Reply

    This is just repulsive. Barbaric and sadistic. Evil evil monsters

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