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Poems About the Dog And Cat Meat Trade

1.) The Butcher’s Knife
by Frankie Jack

Another day, my deepest fear,
Blood is shed as death comes near,
I wait and hear the butcher’s voice,
My death draws close, there is no choice,
He drags me on the floor so bare,
His eyes are cold, a deathly stare,
His knife it slices through my skin,
His rite of torture will soon begin,
I cannot scream, I cannot cry,
Who will answer? They all walk by,
I know my soul will soon be free,
My wings await, they’re just for me,
The others whimper in their jail,
The butcher cometh, he will not fail.

Poem 2.
by Frankie Jack

I am a cat,
Please hear my cry,
Don’t you leave me here to die,
I am bound and I am sore,
Soon my life will be no more,
All the screams will fill the air,
Whoever said that life was fair,
Soon they drag me out to beat,
Boil, skin and sell my meat,
Oh their hearts are ruled by hate,
To hand out such a fate,
I try to ask them why,
I whimper and I cry,
Fear now floods my heart,
As the blows begin to start,
I have nothing more to say,
As my life now slips away.

Poem 3.
by Frankie Jack

A river dyed crimson from blood and their tears,
Of hatred and torture and all of their fears,
The lingering stench of death hangs around,
A pile of their corpses lie there to be found,
The screaming and shrieking of blood and of pain,
Their tears and their bloodshed is nobody’s gain,
The slaughter of innocents by night and by day,
Their bodies lie silent, their pain now at bay.

Poem 4.
by Frankie Jack

To them I am nothing,
A corpse on the floor,
To them I am nothing,
My light shines no more,
My fur lies in pieces,
My blood spilt around,
A room full of bodies,
Where death can be found,
A room full of hatred,
Of pain and of fear,
Misery surrounds me,
The butcher comes near.

Poem 5.
by Frankie Jack

Use your voice for us today,
And join the global team,
Speak and shout and tell the world,
Of all that you have seen,
Speak for those who feel the pain,
Whose blood is shed each day,
Speak for those who need us most,
In each and every way,
So let’s join hands and paws right now,
And walk towards the light,
United as a global team,
To speak for what is right.

Poem 6.
By Sue Bard

Dog speed
flying by me golden get,
flashing teeth and limbs outstretched.
Rock hard muscle 
iron lungs,
life exploding out of bounds.
Ecstatic climax
power down.
He stops too quick and without sound,
stares and shares me stupid grin.
Ragged breath then no more spin,
and his gift of dog speed gives
my heart and soul
The Will To Live