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Vietnam: Cat Butcher In Hanoi

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A cat butcher in Hanoi is taunting Vietnamese animal lovers with footage from inside his cat slaughterhouse. He’s a coward hiding behind the fake name of Ngọc Lan. Vietnamese animal lovers would come for him if they knew where to find him. But he’s too scared to reveal his true name or location.

If this slaughterhouse was raided by officials, chances are they’d only be fined for administrative violations. There are no animal protection laws in Vietnam. Therefore no fines for deliberate inflicted torture and cruelty to animals. Unacceptable in 2023! [See our previous article about police raiding a slaughterhouse which only received administrative fines.]

Two videos

The first video shows hundreds of live cats in bags, waiting to be boiled for cat meat.

The second video is very distressing and almost unbearable to watch. Viewer discretion is strongly recommended for the second video.


Video Below: Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised.

Video: Live Cats Boiled Alive For Cat Meat; taking minutes to die.

Reasons Why People Eat Cat Meat

In Vietnam cat meat is mainly eaten due to superstitious beliefs. It’s falsely believed eating cat meat at the start of each lunar month will ward off evil spirits. According to superstitions the practice must be repeated each lunar month. Some cat eaters also believe they will gain the agility of a cat by eating a cat’s spine.

Cat meat is also falsely marketed as a medicinal medicine for ailments such as: cancer, depression, arthritis, Alzhiemers, asthma, post-natal depression, and so on. Many of the illnesses and ailments marketed by cat meat sellers are serious medical illness. Elderly people are particularly targeted!

In Conclusion

Fight Dog Meat will continue exposing what is happening to the animals and the struggles imposed on local animal lovers. FDM is helping local animal lovers have a louder voice on a world platform. Ultimately it’s the voice of the country’s own people whom their government will eventually be forced to listen to, for positive change for animals.

Fight Dog Meat rescues dogs and cats in Vietnam. We rescue some of the most critically injured anywhere, from Vietnam’s brutal meat trade. We have our own FDM Doggie Ranch facility in Saigon.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown
Fight Dog Meat.

Fight Dog Meat is a Registered Charity in USA and Australia. USA Charity EIN No. 84-3542109
FDM Aus Charity No. 16623028795


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