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Vietnam: Funds Received For Machete Dog Emma

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Funds received by Fight Dog Meat for machete dog Emma’s medical bills will be forwarded to Emma’s new current veterinary hospital clinic in her home town.
28 donations were received by FDM toward her treatment. Total amount raised for Emma was $440.00 USD.
[In other currencies £357.68 GBP, or $713.00 AUD, or 10,421.707.99 VND.]

The funds will be sent to her current vet’s hospital clinic bank account. Money will not be sent to an individual. FDM will do a bank transfer from our charity bank account to the hospital clinic’s business bank account, with their clinic name attached to the bank account. Once the money is transferred we will update this article.

When we made our first post about Emma on Facebook we believed Emma had already been surrendered for rescue by her owner. Meaning that if Emma survived we could fly her to Saigon to be treated by Dr. Nhgia. Then she could have gone into our rehabilitation center. We would have found her a wonderful loving family to adopt her abroad. That was our plan for Emma.

We were shocked when the owner arrived in the car with the dog. We had no idea the owner was still involved with his dog. That changed everything. We immediately stopped asking for funds and stepped back to watch how things might unfold. I had direct communication with the owner on more than one occasion.

It was a distressing time for everyone involved, including Fight Dog Meat supporters. We really tried to help this dog in the best way possible. We had Dr. Nghia ready to reconstruct Emma’s face and fix her breathing difficulties, following her critical facial (and body) injuries. The decision was not in our hands.

Fight Dog Meat will honor our promise to help with Emma’s medical expenses by forwarding the donations received in her name. As a registered charity FDM keeps records of all donations received, and funds sent out.

Thank you to everyone who donated toward Ema’s care. If Emma’s ever allowed to be given to Fight Dog Meat and come to Saigon, our door is always open for her.

For Vietnamese translation of this article:

Đối với bản dịch tiếng Việt của bài viết này: Việt Nam: Tiền nhận cho chó bị thương Emma

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown
Fight Dog Meat

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