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Vietnam: Rescue Girl Coco, Part 1

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June 15, 2022 we had Dr. Nghia’s vet team on standby to accept a critically injured dog who escaped a slaughterhouse. We called her Coco. An unexpected 24 hours passed before Coco arrived to the hospital. Dog thieves and a butcher caused Coco’s injuries. They electrocuted her with their steel arrow then bound her mouth tightly shut. Binding the mouth shut prevents dog’s screaming and attracting attention. Based on Coco’s severe injuries she hadn’t eaten or drank for over two weeks!

Coco’s Diagnosis

Coco was in full kidney failure, extensive liver damage, anemia, severe blood parasites and massive dehydration. The flesh on her snout had completely rotted off under the bindings. Her nasal bones were fully exposed. Coco was in acute agony and dying. On top of all this she was petrified of all humans.

Dr. Nghia took Coco through to his special oxygen room in his intensive care unit and placed her on immediate IV pain relief, medicines, liquids and nutrients. To help Coco cope with stress, only Dr. Nghia and one other of his vet team worked with Coco. No one else was allowed near her. Dr. Nghia spent time with her, gently talking with her. Quietly moving around her and whispering to her he began building a gentle relationship with her to reassure her that he wasn’t going to hurt her.

Video: viewer discretion advised. Graphic injury maybe upsetting for some viewers.

Vietnam: our DMT rescue dog Coco arrives at Dr. Nghia’s hospital.
Vietnam: our DMT rescue Coco in an induced coma in intensive care hospital.
Vietnam: our DMT rescue Coco in intensive care hospital.

Video: viewer discretion advised. Graphic injury maybe upsetting for some viewers.

Vietnam: our DMT rescue Coco in intensive care hospital.

Please watch for Part 2 of Coco’s incredible journey to recovery.

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