Part 1: Captured Dogs Treatment By Dog Traders, To Increase Sales

Method To Increase Dog Weight By Pumping Liquid/ Dirty Food Into Dogs’ Stomach

The huge demand to eat dog meat in Vietnam is real.
However, in Vietnam there has been no law issued to control slaughter or food safety for dog meat.
Therefore, there are so many issues we are going to mention in our program today.
Firstly, we will see how people make the dogs heavier.
Tam Thon, Hoc Mon district, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), is the place well known for dog sellers as Dog Water Pump.
Everyday dozens of dog sellers stop here to do Dog Water Pump job like this.
Bottles or jars are connected to plastic tubes [which are forced down the dog’s throat], to pump water directly into the dog’s stomach.
“Not too much…too deep.” said a man.
“Water can’t pump inside it’s stomach if we don’t push deeper,” answered another man.
Here is the dirty water the dog sellers use to pump into the dogs for more profit [putrid drain water.]
“Half kilo for each dog?”
“Each dog can pump 1 kilogram.”
Anywhere that has water, people can see the dog sellers increase the dog’s weight by pumping like this.
That scene also can be found under the highway bridge at Saigon Trung Luong highway or National Route 22 like this.
Poor dogs are pumped full of dirty liquid then are sold to wholesalers.
Water from the ditches, drainage systems are pumped into the dogs’ stomachs but this is not the only way to make the poor dogs heavier.
Let’s see how dog wholesalers increase the weight.

How To Stuff Putrid Food Into Live Dogs

Pumping and stuffing are the ways these businesses force the dogs consume food before they sell to the butchers.
The plastic tubing is 1 meter long (3 foot), to push more food into the dog’s stomach.

– “How much can you stuff them, how many kilogram can you pump into a dog?” – said the reporter.
– 1.5 – 2kg each dog.(An owner of dog seller business in Hau Loc – Thanh Hoa province said).

At another dog meat wholesaler business, the dogs can not resist.
Each pump, the wholesalers can make the dog 2 kilogram heavier.

As dog meat price about 80,000 VND (4 USD) / kg, deduce the weight loss when transporting (the dogs shit and pee), each dog sold can earn the seller about 100,000 VND (5 USD).
With hundreds of dogs in one go, a dog wholesaler earn dozens of million Vietnam dong.

  • “Without pumping, we lose 2 – 3 kilogram. It’s a waste.” (A man said)
  • Even pumping is not enough to compensate that waste! (Another man replied).

They call it anti – waste, but the dogs were pumped and stuffed plenty of food into their stomach until they vomit.
Worse, sometimes the dogs were killed by too much pressure in their stomach.
For money, this cruel dog – pump – torture happen everyday here.
Despite the risk of unhealthy food consumed by the consumers, dog sellers still pump different of dirty food to the dogs like this.
Dear our viewers, water or dirty food pumped to dogs is the way the dog sellers earn their livings and increase profit for themselves.
However this issue is not only that.
Please come back and watch our next part to see how the dogs slaughtered by the butchers.