Part 2: Dog Slaughter At Dog Butchers



(Broadcasted on VTV 20 September 2016)
Dirty water and food pumped, stuffed into dogs to increase body weight for sale … and any other health risks from dog meat when tons of dog meat are being transported to butchers?
Dear viewers, pumping and stuffing liquid & food into dogs’ bodies is not the only concern about dog meat safety, the risk of unsafe dog meat for our health is even bigger.
There is a much more threatening issue from dog meat: infection from the sick and infectious dogs which are captured in the same cage with healthy dogs in the DOG TRANSIT CENTERS before being transported to the butchers.
Scabies, salivating … even disabled (paralysis) and suddenly flap (shake the body)… maybe symptoms of Rabies as the document we found in veterinary
Many dogs with symptoms of disable, paralysis were collected to this place.
Unable to show legal certificate of animal control for the dogs, captured in our camera the owner of this Dog Transit Center confirmed those dogs were quarantined (animal check).
“Quarantined already from the sellers, on they transport way, there are many Animal Quarantine (Animal Control) in provinces!” (All checked already, No worry!) – The owner said.
In Thanh Loc commune, Hau Loc district, Thanh Hoa province there are dozens of wholesalers doing business as Dog Transit Centers like this.
Heavy big size trucks are their transportation to bring the dogs from other provinces.Iron cages are arranged in high piles are waiting to be used for dog transport.
With hidden camera, the surprising origin of the dogs were revealed by a wholesaler (of more than 10 years experience):
– “Dogs are collected in Vung Tau (far away in the south, near Saigon), Buon Me Thuot (a highland province in the south), all over the country and from the borders (maybe from Lao, Cambodia and China). In the past, there were 3 -4 trucks coming in a day, more than 10-ton trucks. In recent years those heavy load trucks have been banned so now we use these trucks.”
A representative from People Committee of Thanh Loc Commune said they regularly inspect these local Dog Transit Centers (together with the authorities, other offices) in their area.
The result is they have never found any case of sick dogs transported to their commune in more than 10 years.
Mr. Le Van Binh, Vice Chairman of People Committee of Thanh Loc Commune answered the reporter’s question.
Reporter: – Haven’t found any sick or infectious dog?
Mr. Le Van Binh: – Nope, no sick dogs have ever been found, not even one.
Not having found any rabies or sick dog is so obviously perceived as they just check carelessly by visit and watch like this. Nobody cares about the pack of hundreds of dogs here. Therefore, whether the dogs are sick or not only the dogs know themselves!
From here, all the dogs will be transported directly to butchers in Hanoi and other provinces all over the country.
Dear viewers that is the story of Dog Transit Center. Next let’s see how dog butchers slaughter the dogs.


Banging directly to the dogs’ heads is the way that this man killed the dogs. And here is the next steps in butchering the dogs.
Dog bodies are left on the floor, together with waste and substances drained off directly to the floor.
Every night, dozens of dogs are butchered in these slaughter houses.
“2, 4, 6, .. 19 dogs . There are 19 dogs -this is the 20th one”-  A woman said.
At another dog butcher house, dog jail is also the place where they execute the dogs, cramped, humid and watery. Dogs are killed and cleaned on the floor but the worker here is certain about the hygiene and safety.
– Do you think butchering like this is safe and hygene? (reporter)
– Of course.
– How do you think of safe and hygene?
– We make them clean is good enough.
(A man working as a dog butcher in Hoai Duc district, Ha Noi)
Currently, no office or authority knows how many dog butchers in Ha Noi. However certainly 100% the dog butchers like this cannot meet the Hygiene and Food Safety standard of Veterinary. They are illegal dog butchers.
Everyday tons of dog meat from illegal butchers like these are being consumed in the market.
Dear viewer, as can be seen, the dog butchering procedure is executed in very old-style and simple way and there is no dog butchers meet Hygiene and Food Safety standard, the quality of dog meat is therefore very risky.

Our documentary is to be continued tomorrow. We will see how dog meat go to consumers in our next program of SAY NO TO DIRTY FOOD tomorrow on VTV. (21 September 2016).