Part 4: Does Eating Dog Meat Chase Away Bad Luck?

September 22, 2016


Dear viewers, our documentary about dog meat sales, butchering dog for meat even the sick and infectious ones for the market has attracted special attention from our audience of 24H NEWS, following by arguments about ‘Should we eat dog meat?’

Practically, there are two trends of Dog Meat Eating in our society nowadays: the increasing in numbers of people have said NO to dog meat while there are numerous customers still enjoy tasty dog meat dishes.
One of the reasons for eating dog meat is Dog Meat Help To Change Bad Luck.
This belief has existed quite long time but is it true?

On a day ending of the 8th lunar month, on Quang Nhan street – Ha Noi, it’s easy to see busy sales of dog meat. Many customers and sellers of dog meat say they only sell and buy dog meat after the 15th day of a lunar month (full moon day) till the end of the lunar month.

Customer 1 (or Civillian 1): – Most of peope dogmeat-fast on beginning days of a (lunar) month.
Reporter: – How about you?
Customer 1: – Me too, I dogmeat-fast on beginning days of a (lunar) month too.

Customer 2: I usually go out for dog meat with my friends only after full-moon day.
Reporter: Why can peope only eat dog meat after full-moon day?
Customer 2: Everyone says so!
All about this belief is word of mouth that no customer can explain.

A researcher (or scholar) of Culture NGUYEN HUNG VI said:
– There is no animal bears more believes than a dog (in Vietnamese culture I think). In the believes, people respect and compliment many other animals except the dog. There are rarely good images of a dog in our culture. Respect for animals such as dragon, phoenix for dogs is an absolute Zero. For their demand people just eat dog meat. They divided eating dog meat to time, eating dog meat in some certain days would be consider lucky, on other days would be unlucky for eaters.

The truth is there has not been any research or survey about the belief EATING DOG MEAT HELPS CHASE AWAY BAD LUCKS.

– “Bad lucks may come to anyone no matter what they eat. Just going out of home bad things may happen to us. Those unfortunes do not depends on eating dog meat or not.” Mr. Nguyen Hung Vi said.

However for dog meat customers, believing or not believing in that old opinion, they always have a reason to eat dog meat.

We are not judging dog meat eaters. However for what we have seen about butchering and selling dog meat that 24H NEWS broadcasted earlier this week, we believe our viewers have got information to consider eating dog meat or not.