Part 3: How Dog Meat Goes From Dog Butchers To The Dinner Plate



(broadcasted on VTV 21 September 2016)

3a: Customers And Dog Meat Retailers

Customer 1: Generally dog meat is delicious.
Customer 2: It’s wonderful. I often eat dog meat when it’s rainy and windy.
Customer 3: Who likes drinking also likes eating dog meat.
Customer 1: I like dog meat, it’s tasty.

Unfortunately, unhygienic butchering procedure, non-quarantine animal control, lack of law in dog meat butchering and dog quarantine and the high risk of unhealthy food from dog meat are our concerns.

My greetings to our dear viewers of SAY NO TO DIRTY/ UNSAFE FOOD. Following the previous documentary about dog slaughtering in the butchers, today we would like to show you They way dog meat from butchers to consumers.

Uncovered and only tied simply like this, from the butchers dog meat is transported to the market.

Reporter: – Where are you bringing this dog meat to?
Transporter: – To the market, normally I bring  2 – 3 dogs a day, maximum 4 – 5 dogs.
Reporter: – Does anyone check this dog meat for animal food quarantine from this butcher?
Transporter: – No, never.
Reporter asked a dog-meat seller.

Dog Meat Sellers (title on screen)

Ha Dong market, dog meat is sold like other normal meat. The difference is dog meat is never checked for food hygiene and safety.

Ms Bui Thi Hanh – dog meat seller at Ha Dong market – Ha Noi:
– Dog meat in my stall is safe and reputable. No need to check!

In Ha Noi, almost every market has dog meat stall. There are some the roads of dog meat shops like this road. 100% of dog meat in the market now is never checked by any offices or quality controlled by the authority.

Dog meat contains infection risks such as Cholera, Rabies … not to mention dogs died of poison that still keep poisonous substances in their bodies. So dog meat certainly bring high danger for consumers’ health. Then how the authority control dog meat trade and why don’t we have answers for this will be shown next in our documentary.

3b: Lack Of Law In The Dog Meat Trade (title on screen)

At a dog meat butcher in Ha Dong district, Ha Noi, dog meat after being butchered to dog meat shop is not checked or controlled by any officers. After slaughtering the dogs sellers just bring directly to the market.

According to a representative of Hanoi Veterinary Department , currently this department have not control dog meat trade as there is not any laws issued by the Government.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Thao, Director of Animal Quarantine – Hanoi Veterinary Department said:
“Currently, in all the documents from the Government or city authority, there is no document regulating butchering dog for meat. It’s the reason why we can not send our officers to the dog meat butchers to control and check to prevent diseases.”
Vietnam Department of Animal Health: For Vietnam Government do not accept dog as an animal for food, dog is not in the list of farm animals that needed quarantine for butcher.

No authority unit knows how many dog butchers there are in the city (Ha Noi or  the country). 100% dog butchers are illegal and are causing unpredictable dangers for consumers of dog meat in the market.
– “People slaughter dog for meat without any regulations by the authority like this so sick and infectios dogs are being killed for dog meat is very difficult to identify. Dog meat is special as they have to roast it so after roasting it’s very hard to know which dog meat is safe for consumer. – Mr. Nguyen Huu Thao said.

Professor Dr. Tran Dang – Former President of Food Safety Department – Vietnam Ministry of Health:
– “Many diseases from helminths or organism especially an helminths called ‘dog lava helminth’ – Toxocariasis that live as parasite in dog meat if being eaten without well-cooking will develop in human bodies and only grow in human stomach. Those larval will travel to all over the body, if they go to eyelids will cause blind to their subject, if they go to the skin will cause allergy, if they go to the brain will cause brain disorders.

When dogs with symptoms of infectious diseases like this become food the consumers will get bad consequences for eating it.

Dear viewers, there is an arguing truth that Vietnam do not ban eating dog meat yet there is no regulations on controlling dog meat butchering and certainly this dog meat in my hands doesn’t have any stamp as safe food from the authority simply because no one manages the dog meat trade.

Hence consumers’ health safety totally depends on their luck and the choice for your food is in your own hand.

This is the end of our program SAY NO TO DIRTY FOOD today. Thanks for your attention.

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