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Vietnam Animal Aid And Rescue are always in need of basic items.

Items range from very cheap, to more costly.

Dog Collars
Toys for dogs and cats
Cozy cat beds

Cone collars (Elizabethan collars)
Sterile gloves (6, 6.5, 7, and 7.5)
Syringes 1ml & 2.5ml
Sutures, ideally 0, 2.0 & 3.0 absorbable Vicryl
IV catheters
ET tubes


Dog Wormers
Frontline Plus,
Advantix or equivalent tick spot on
Cat wormer (eg Drontal or Profender
Advocate- dog/puppy/ cat
Revolution- puppy/cat
Ivermectin (or generic brand) injectable

Pet Shampoos

Tick/flea shampoo
Malaseb shampoo
Amitraz shampoo
Anti-fungal ketoconazole


Gentamicin injectable [antibiotic]
Amox-clav (oral and long lasting antibiotics)
Metronidazole (oral and injectable) [antibiotic]


Anti- inflammatory injectables (eg Rimadyl/ Metacam)
Carprofen (Oral) [non-steroid anti-inflammatory]


Furosemide oral [durectic]
Furosemide injectable [duretic]

Pain Relief

General anesthetics
Carprofen (oral) [pain killer]
Amoxyciline injectable antibiotics [penicillin]
Tramadol injectable [narcotic pain reliever]
Injectable benzodiazepines [psychoactive drug]
Clindamycin [antibiotic]
Phenobarbatone injectable [barbiturate]

Assorted Items

Poisons antidotes (ie: Vitamin K)
Dog mulitvitamins and immune support
Skin support supplements
Fish oil
Omega acids capsules
Calcium syrup
Selgain [inhibitor]

All ‘Equipment Donations‘ must be no more than 10 years old, be fully functional, and have an invoice of sale in order for them to be allowed through customs and certified by the Ministry of Health.

CBC and Blood Chemistry machines
Ultrasound- portable
glucometer and test strips

What Do VAAR Do?

Vietnam Animal Aid And Rescue rescue, rehabilitate and re-home all animal species. Animals which cannot be re-homed can live out their life at VAAR, surrounded by love. They are the ONLY vet clinic in central Vietnam which use anesthetic sedation pain relief during open surgery! They do extraordinary work in extreme circumstances, amidst unending animal cruelty. With dog and cat thieves going past their gate and a dog slaughterhouse around the corner, they LIVE on the front lines. They’re Vietnam’s ONLY farm sanctuary and will never refuse an animal in true need of critical help. Located: Hoi An, Da Dang, central Vietnam.
Direct PAYPAL: Donate@VietnamPetsAndVets.com
Contact By EMAIL: cat@vietnampetsandvets.com
Website: http://vietnampetsandvets.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vietnamanimalaidandrescue/

Thank you.

Michele Brown,
Fight Dog Meat
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