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Laim the dog, who flew from Vietnam to Poland, after FDM supporters helped pay for his flight and mandatory blood work.

Fight Dog Meat supporters helped to fly Liam from Vietnam to Poland, to be reunited with his new family who fell in love with him after spending close to a year volunteering at the same organization where he had been brought to as a very sick and sad street dog.
Read Lian’s story: Vietnam To Poland – Liam The Dog Arrives.

Fight Dog Meat is working on a project to help animal rescue in Vietnam, which will include adoptions to overseas homes. As the project gets closer to launching, we will release more information on it, including details of how you can become involved and help.

Fight Dog Meat will be helping Dr. Pan internationally re-home 35 rescued dog meat dogs in China. The 35 dogs are in Shenzhen and will soon be ready to fly to new homes around the world. More information will be available as we get closer to launching our adoption program. China: Adoptions: click here.