FDM’s Vietnam Adoptions

Fight Dog Meat is helping re-home dogs who have been rescued from horrific situations.
Vietnam animal adoptions: https://fightdogmeat.com/vietnam-adoptions/
China animal adoptions: https://fightdogmeat.com/china-adoptions/

From Vietnam: Already Internationally Adopted

Marlin, Mango and Lucy

Fight Dog Meat supporters made it possible for Marlin, Mango and Lucy to be flown from Vietnam to the United Kingdom. Each dog had a difficult start in life; especially Marlin who was covered in disease and near death when rescued as a dog meat dog, tied up in a vegetable garden waiting to be slaughtered. These dogs will never have to face a dog butcher again. They can now live in safety and love.

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(L-r) Lucy, Mango and Marlin, born into bad situations in Vietnam, but now flying to safe and loving homes in the United Kingdom.

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Fight Dog Meat supporters helped fly Liam from Vietnam to Poland, to be reunited with his new family who fell in love with him after spending close to a year volunteering at the same organization where he had been brought to as a very sick and sad street dog.
Read Lian’s story: Vietnam To Poland – Liam The Dog Arrives.

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Liam the dog, who flew from Vietnam to Poland, after FDM supporters helped pay for his flight and mandatory blood work.

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