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Vietnam: Dog Thieves Caught By Angry Mob

Vietnamese dog thieves are notoriously violent against any people who challenge them. They’re hated by local residents because they’re usually drug addicts out for a quick dollar to buy drugs at any cost.There’s a long history of dog thieves violently maiming and even killing pet owners who have tried to defend their loved pets. Dog thieves are ‘not’ stealing dogs to pay for a hungry family. That is not the case at all! They do it purely for greed to get money for them self, no matter how much they hurt anyone else.

The two dog thieves in the video were caught red handed with freshly killed dogs in their possession on December 27, 2017. Toward the the end of the two minute video the mob’s anger starts to escalate. Vietnam has a very strong vigilante justice system and I doubt these two dog thieves would have been allowed to just walk away without bruises.

Video: not graphic.



Black dogs are among the most sort after dogs as meat in the dog meat trade. Its falsely believed pure black dogs hold supernatural medicinal powers. The dog must not have any spots or markings and must be pure black in color all over. This false belief is based on superstition.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from dog and cat meat countries and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing despite no animal protection laws. Turning away or sitting quietly does not end the trade. We’ll keep exposing what is taking place to these animals. We’re helping local volunteers have a louder voice on a world platform. Ultimately it’s the voice of the country’s own people whom their government will eventually be forced to listen to, for positive change for animals.

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