Vietnam: Dog Thief Gang Steal 1,200+ Dogs

The vicious gang of teenage dog thieves shot a 10 year old pet dog as he walked with his owner … Read More

Vietnam: Victim Blamed For Drowned Dog Thief

A dog thief held a knife to a terrified father’s neck and threatened to kill him in front of his … Read More

China: Laughing Butcher.

This brute of a man laughs his way through his botched attempts to boil the conscious dog alive in a … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Thief Baits Kill Children

A little girl in Binh Thuan picked up a dog bait shaped like a lollipop and put it in her … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Thief Killed

Two young men in central Vietnam ruined their lives when they killed a dog thief on December 24, 2019. The … Read More

Vietnam: Saigon DMT Bust

District 12 is a dog meat hub in Saigon. Dog traders are on the road everyday with crammed cages of … Read More

China: Shiba Tortured & Owner Arrested

A barber in Guangzhou tortured his own pet dog to death in his barber’s shop called D-salon. His pup was … Read More

Vietnam: Pleas For Mercy Ignored

The woman yelling is a local animal lover begging the men to stop and let her save the dog. The … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Genitals Meal

Cooked dog penis with dog’s blood sauce for dipping. Hideous! Perhaps the men eating this meal in northern Vietnam suffer … Read More

Vietnam: Home Butcher

Home butchers who slaughter dogs for their own individual consumption are the cruelest of all dog butchers. They deliberately prolong … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Thieves Attack

Last night a 19 year old student woke up during the night to find two dog thieves inside his family … Read More

China: Husky Forced To Pull Loaded Trolley

The Husky dog is on the ground in exhaustion. Everyday, according to eye witnesses, the Husky is forced to pull … Read More

Vietnam: Congealed Pudding

Many dog meat and cat meat restaurants across Vietnam slaughter dogs and cats inside their restaurant. This allows the butchers … Read More

Vietnam: Christmas Dog Meat In Hanoi

For years Fight Dog Meat has been posting about dog meat for Christmas. The Vietnamese words ‘Thit Cho’ means dog … Read More

China: Loaded Cages Thrown Off Truck

Loaded cages of terrified meat dogs are thrown from the top of the truck to smash onto the concrete ground. … Read More

Vietnam: Vicious Dog Thief

This is a particularly vicious dog thief. This dog belonged to someone. The dog thief has grabbed the peacefully sleeping … Read More

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