Vietnam: Botched Spay Surgery

A pet owner in Da Lat took her loved cat for spay surgery to MabuPet House vet clinic. When she … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Thief Gang Jailed

Dog thieves worked as a gang stealing residents pet dogs in Binh Thuan. The gang of seven men was caught … Read More

Vietnam: Cat Butcher In Hanoi

A cat butcher in Hanoi is taunting Vietnamese animal lovers with footage from inside his cat slaughterhouse. He’s a coward … Read More


A commercial cat slaughterhouse was raided by police and veterinary officers on March 16th. Authorities discovered over 2,400 LB (1,100 … Read More

Vietnam: Unleashed Dogs Targeted

Unleashed dogs are about to become the target of an anti-rabies campaign in Thao Dien, District 2, Saigon. The crackdown … Read More

Vietnam: Coward Cat Torturer

Minh Danh Trần is a cat torturer in Saigon. He’s a weak coward bully who’s emotionally blackmailing Vietnamese animal lovers. … Read More

Hong Kong: Dog Meat Banned

The sale of dog and cat meat has been banned for over 70 years in Hong Kong. In 1950 Hong … Read More

Vietnam: Kids Stomp Baby Kitten

The children’s aunt is a kindergarten teacher. She found it amusing to watch her nephews torturing a defenseless kitten for … Read More

Vietnam: Blood Money For Luck

Pigs are splayed on their back then hacked into pieces with a machete sword until cut in half across their … Read More

Vietnam: Year of the Cat 2023

As Asia celebrates the start of Lunar Year of the Rabbit, Vietnam will celebrate Lunar Year of the Cat. There’s … Read More

Vietnam: Kindness For Leper Colony

A wonderful gift of 400 meals was organized by Wendy Nguyen, one of our FDM Directors. Wendy’s lifelong friends and … Read More

Vietnam: Hoi An Butcher Attacks Dog

Central Vietnam’s famous tourist town is Old Town in Hoi An. Its an international destination for tourists. The thoroughfare of … Read More

Vietnam: 16 Yrs For Killing Dog Thief

One Year Ago: A dog thief held a knife to a terrified father’s neck and threatened to kill him in … Read More

Vietnam: Dogs Seized In Binh Thanh.

The city of Binh Thanh has declared war on unleashed dogs. If a dog is not in it’s fenced house … Read More

Vietnam: Phu Quoc Island Dog Meat

Phu Quoc Island is the largest island in Vietnam. A major tourism destination for international and local tourists. It’s displayed … Read More

Vietnam: Dog Butcher Dies of Rabies

A 50 year old dog butcher in Hanoi has died of rabies from slaughtering dogs. He’d been working in the … Read More

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